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"A Day at the Mall"

Another wonderful mural project at West

Acres Mall, Fargo, ND. The mural is both

outside on two brick walls and on one 

inside wall.

"Breaking the Surface"

Collaborative Public Art Project between

artists, Catie Miller and Emily Williams-Wheeler, and the City of Moorhead, MN.

July 2022


A video interview with Prairie

Public Television, Fargo, ND


Installation of the public art mural

on the skyway across Broadway, 

downtown Fargo, ND. A partnership

with the City of Fargo.

Kinetic sculptures of paper,

wire, and alpaca wool, 

suspended over the fountain

at West Acres Mall, Fargo, ND.

Commissioned artwork 

for Bell Bank, Fargo, ND.


Two utility box art installations- one in Fargo, ND and one in

Moorhead, MN.


Artwork in the glass of Dorothy Dodds Elementary School,

Moorhead, MN.

Santa Wonderland interactive display at West Acres Mall, Fargo, ND.

Horsch North American

Manufacturing Headquarters, 

Mapleton, ND

Large mural in children's Recess West play area at West Acres Mall, Fargo, ND.

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